I really didn’t want to be one of those people that thought leaving the country necessitated telling every tiny detail of my day to anyone who will listen. I understand that I am not backpacking through Tibet or experiencing what it is like to live in a third world country. My journey is not unique or particularly exciting. However, I started this blog for a few reasons:

1) For myself. I want to remember this experience, every minute of it. It’s actually harder than I thought to force myself to hand write in a journal – I feel like I have way too much to say and too little time.

2) For my family and a few close friends. This is for you guys so I can share all the random details I forget to share when we Skype or text. I know that for some of you (MOM), photos on Facebook are not enough.

What I will do with this blog:

  1. Post random thoughts and musings on Spanish culture, society, etc.
  2. Document my travels in and out of Spain
  3. Update every once in a while with what I have been doing

What I will not do with this blog:

  1. Post every day. I don’t want this to become an obsession, and I really do want to fully integrate myself into speaking Spanish
  2. Post a million pictures. That is what facebook is for.

And with that, here I go!


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