I am SUPER behind with my posts, but now I am back from England, so I’m going to start recapping everything before I forget it all!

The weekend before mom and dad came to visit, I went with a friend to Granada for the weekend Granada is famous for the Alhambra, probably the best and most impressive example of Moorish architecture in Spain. I went with my friend Leticia, who I had met last fall on the bus on the way to Bilbao. She’s from the north of Spain but studying in Seville.

So Friday afternoon we went in blablacar to Granada. Blablacar is another example of technology making some truly awesome things possible. It is a ride share system where drivers have profiles and put, for example, “Sevilla to Granada Friday 16:00” and a price. Then, through the site, you can ask to go with them and agree to their price. For Granada, this ended up begin way cheaper than both the bus and the train, at around 12 Euro each way. And it’s safe because the drivers and passengers are peer-reviewed. However, that didn’t stop me from getting horribly carsick on the way there. You win some, you lose some. We got to Granada at night and walked around to try and get a night view of the Alhambra and the neighborhoods. We then went for tapas (Tapas in Granada are one of the few places you still get a free tapa when you buy a drink- awesome!) and went back to the hotel because Saturday was to be a long day.

On Saturday morning we left the hostel and went in search of some great views. We walked a famous route called the “Paseo de los tristes” and started walkin up some hills in search for the miradores – and were rewarded with some stunning views of Granada. The combination of the mountains (including the snowy Sierra Nevada in the background), the white houses with dark roofs, and the Alhambra really did make for some stunning views.


After we had explored the higher parts of the city, we headed back towards the Alhambra. The Alhambra is huge and divided into four parts, so we spent all of the afternoon there. It is seriously impressive. I am no stranger to Arte Mudéjar because Seville has a lot of it, but the Alhambra is on a whole other level. Everything is crazily intricate, and when you think that it was built over 700 years ago, it becomes even more incredible. It’s indescribable. Clearly I am not doing a good job, so I’ll leave some pictures.

IMG_2822 IMG_2814 IMG_2812 IMG_2810 IMG_2807

We also went to a garden next to the Alhambra called, Carmen de los Mártires, which was beautiful and even had peacocks! After the day of walking up and down hills, we were dead tired, so we went back to the hostel a bit to rest before heading out to the WORST TAPAS RESTAURANT EVER. We saw a deal from outside, “6 pitchers of Sangria and 4 tapas, 6 Euros.” Okay, pretty good deal. I told the man I was a vegetarian, but unfortunately forgot to tell him that included fish…so he brought back a double portion of Ensalada Rusa for me and two sandwiches for Leticia. Now, I normally like Ensalada Rusa, and sometimes it isn’t made with fish, but this was the fishiest Ensalada I had ever eaten or smelled. I took a small bite and spit it out. Leticia thought I was being dramatic, so she tried it and spit it out too. It was that terrible. When I told the waiter I didn’t eat fish, he brought me a heated-from-frozen tortilla española slice… and Leticia’s sandwiches were apparently also inedible. After that we were super frustrated by the restaurants we had experienced thus far in Granada (apparently everyone says you can eat really well in Granada but we just had not seen it) so we finished our night with fro-yo instead of taking our chances with more horrible tapas. Although now it’s something to laugh about, we were pretty frustrated at the time.

The next day was a little more relaxed. Armed with our hostel map, we went on a hunt for some corners of Granada that apparently had really good Graffiti. It was impressive, but I’ve seen better in Seville. We also went to a reaaaaly cool café, called Café Bohemia. It was in the style of a speakeasy in that we weren’t even sure if it was open from the outside, but on the inside it was full of life! They apparently have jazz music at night, and the decor was really cool, with records and books everywhere, musical instruments…a little bit of everything. Definitely an awesome hangout I would frequent if I lived in Granada. We got our blablacar ride back, and thus completed our weekend in Granada. Granada was a beautiful city and I’m so glad I got to see it.


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