What a fantastic week 🙂 Even when we wanted to kill each other hehe. I’m so glad you could visit and I loved being a tour guide!

Here is what Emma wrote about her time here:

So. SEVILLA WAS AWESOME! First of all Zoey I love you and I am always so happy when we get to see each other and hang out! I loved Seville it is such a beautiful place! I was so impressed by the gorgeous tile that is literally EVERYWHERE in Seville and probably seemed like such a tourist when I would comment on and point out the tiles every time I saw them and couldn’t get why Zoey seemed a little blasé about it until I realised by the end of the week that yeah: it’s everywhere. I really fell in love with a lot of the architecture the thin reddish bricks that composed most of the buildings there and the combination of that color with rich blues like in the Plaza de España. The many orange trees and pale yellow buildings were so beautiful and I enjoyed being in a city that has so much life although I realised that I seriously need to learn how to properly cross streets and stay out of bike lanes (hey, the first step to fixing anything is accepting that you have a problem haha). The arabic-inspired arches, interior courtyards and detailed mouldings in the ceilings and walls were so amazing especially in the Real Alcázar (which was one of my absolute favourite places to visit during my trip). I was lucky enough to get some much missed sunshine during my trip which was really nice and went on a day trip to Cádiz which was also really great, I enjoyed spending some time by the sea and visiting museums and walking around but I must admit that I still preferred Seville over Cádiz. In the museums I visited I really loved learning about the Phoenicians in southern Spain and more about Seville’s history in general as well as many interesting works of art by Spanish artists through history. I’m so glad that I got to do and see so many things AND still have movie nights with Zoey (our favorite pastime together) and her roommates were so nice and accommodating as well, despite my difficulties with spanish (which UGH I realised how basic and kinda shitty my spanish is especially compared to fluent Zoey). I got to see flamenco dancing and music which was so powerful and the singer being so handsome didn’t hurt either . The Catedral was so massive and gaudy in a good way and although the climb up the Giralda was a challenge (i’m an out of shape wimp) the view was well worth the effort. Las Setas was very cool too and the neighbourhood surrounding it was lovely to walk around in. Now for the food: OH MY GOD. SO SO GOOD!! I got to try churros con chocolate for the first time and the deliciousness was so worth the slight stomach ache after (the best kind of greasy food baby). I LOVED the tapas we ate at los coloniales and in Triana (fried bacalao, solomillo de cerdo, fried eggplant, chicken with this heaven sauce I don’t remember what it was called, paella, delicious pastries in a gorgeous pastry shop, llao llao aka the best froyo on the planet, jamón de serrano, alioli, spanish cheese, montaditos, etcetc) I’m sure I’m forgetting to mention things but overall my trip was a huge success and I will definitely be going back to Spain. It is a beautiful and interesting place with so much to offer and experiencing it with Zoey made it even better. THANK YOU SO MUCH for an amazing trip and I can’t wait for our next travels! Love you!!!

Can’t wait for our next adventure!


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