A Job, Some Classes, A Race

I hesitate to write about any of this because none of it is finalized, but I have three things coming up that both excite and terrify me.

1) A Job: I feel like I must have some sort of 6th sense for sniffing out work. One day when the group was at the University of Seville for a tour, I saw an ad posted to the wall. “Must be native English speaker! Must be here until June!” Wait, I think I fit those requirements! Last Sunday, I went to an interview with Señora Lucena (the woman who posted the ad), not really knowing what to expect. As she explained it, she is an English teacher. My job is simply to teach the children. She will make the lesson plans by month, give them to me, and I will go to their houses and teach them. I’m trying to work around four hours per week, for nine euros per hour. I’m not trying to pad my savings account or anything, but at the very least it will help me run out of money less quickly. And plus, I like kids. Win-win situation. The only problem is the rigidity of the schedule – I had to give her my free time for the rest of the year, which is actually fine with me. I feel like having a job, although it will be English-speaking, will help me immerse myself in the culture as I’ll have less time to waste.

2) Classes: Also subject to change, but here’s what my schedule is looking like for the first cuatrimestre (semesters don’t exist in Spain). Also noteworthy is the fact that ALL MY CLASSES ARE IN SPANISH (except French). Good thing I’m taking these classes pass/fail!


  1. French Language: I’m a little bit worried about this one, a) because languages are much better taught here and b) because I already confuse French and Spanish as it is. We’ll see how it goes.
  2. Anthropology and Social Exclusion: I’m actually excited about this one, because I’ve never taken an anthropology class before and this one definitely sounded interesting.
  3. Tolerance and Fanaticism: Basically a class about the history of religion in Spain. I need this for my second theology requirement at Georgetown. This is the one I’m worried about- there are currently only about 3 people enrolled, so it might get cancelled.
  4. 19th Century Art: Also have never taken Art History, so this should be fun.
  5. Languages of the world: A class about the history of languages, their development, types of languages, and a little bit of linguistics. It seemed really interesting.

Although my goal was to have no classes on Friday to facilitate travel, my schedule just didn’t work out. After all, I am here to learn. (Okay so I’m also here to travel – I definitely will be missing a few of those Fridays – sorry in advance to my professors!)

3) A Race: After a summer of gluttony and laziness, the running bug bit me again. After getting an email about some smaller races in Seville, I started looking for a half-marathon I could run in December. As luck would have it, there is one is Lisbon, Portugal on December 8th, the very same time we have a five day weekend! The timing could not have been more perfect. The race itself is only about 30-35 Euro, although I think I’m going to buy a GPS watch to train – a little more pricey, but I figure I’m saving money on a gym membership. I still have time to back out, but I think it all worked out too well to not do it.

 This weekend we are going to the Sierra Nevada for a language Immersion with Spaniards our own age. This will be my true leap into completely speaking in Spanish, which will be perfect since my classes start on Sunday. Hopefully I will also make a few friends. I’ve been getting really lazy speaking English with my American friends here. I need to make some Spanish friends so that doesn’t happen.

Now I’m off to watch the Lovely Bones dubbed in Spanish instead of studying for my grammar final. Okay, so I’m lazy with this whole pass fail thing, but at least I’m watching a movie in Spanish.


One thought on “A Job, Some Classes, A Race

  1. 1. Yay! My niece is going to be a teacher, at least while she’s in Spain. Very proud of you, taking on this responsibility. Having a little extra money can’t hurt.
    2. That’s really good about the pass/fail system for this year. You’ll do well and have less pressure without having to go for a certain average.Your taking 2 languages reminds me of when I was in college taking Spanish and German. That was a challenge for sure. Art History…questions…ask your Aunt Jan about that.Overall, I think the classes do seem to be interesting. There to learn and travel. Remember that travel is a form of learning.
    3. The Race will probably be a great experience, too. If you decide not to do it, that’s ok, too.

    Enjoying reading your blog!

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